How To Start A Skin Care Line From Home

April 2, 2022

Starting a new skincare line can be an exciting venture, but it can be challenging to know where to start when it comes to selecting the right skincare oils for your brand. As a private label company offering custom skincare and haircare oils, we are here to support you with your new business. Keep reading to discover the first things to consider when starting a skincare line from home.

1. Do Your Research

Before thinking about what skincare oils you could order from our private label company, we recommend you take the time to do your research. Think about what types of products you want to offer your customers and the types of skin or hair that you want to target. We always recommend that you find a brand niche that will help you to stand out in this competitive marketplace. Determine the specific skincare or haircare market that you will be targeting so that you can select the right oils for your unique needs.

2. How Will You Manufacture Products?

Once you decide which brand niche you will be occupying, it is time to do some preliminary research on how you will manufacture your products. You can either pay the start up costs and take the time to do the manufacturing in-house, you can sell someone else’s product, or you can use a private label manufacturer. By developing your own label and sourcing the products directly from the manufacturer, you can enjoy bigger profit margins while ensuring the quality of your products. Selling product from bigger brands does not allow for the same flexibility. You would be limited by the brand’s margins and would have to sell their products using their pricing structure. Companies like Peak Private Label also allow you to buy private label products with no minimum order quantity, which allows you to start at a size appropriate to your business.

3. Choose a Manufacturer

Here at Peak Private Label, we are passionate about working with new business owners to offer them skincare and haircare oils. Our platform allows you to develop customized products, without a customization fee and at any order quantity, so that you can bring a product to market that is perfect for your brand. We encourage you to think about what’s important to you as a brand. For some companies, that’s offering vegan skincare, whereas others are more focused on quick delivery time or response time. Think about what will make you stand out as a company, and then use this as inspiration when designing your products with our team.

4. Develop a Hero Product

Successful brands launch with a hero product. This hero product is a product that encapsulates your brand. To create this product, you need to know what your brand message and values are. Is your brand centered around being plant-based? Ensure your product is plant-based. You also need to determine what this product is formulated to do. Moisturize sensitive skin? Choose jojoba oil as your base. When these selections have been made, you will be able to formulate your final product. Your marketing will be centered around these selections and your message.


Starting a skincare line from home is something that has become accessible to small businesses with Peak Private Label. For more assistance with developing your products, contact our team today. Here at Peak Private Label, we are proud to support new business owners and make setting up your own product line easier than you ever thought was possible.

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