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Select a base product to get started. We provide specially formulated bases for various skincare needs to help you get started. These options include top quality creams, oils, serums and more giving you great options to create a line that addresses your customers needs.


Choose Additives

All of our oil based products are customizable with additional additives. Whether you want to add marula for a boost of antioxidants or sea buckthorn for those extra essential fatty acids or an additional essential oil/fragrance. We provide a wide range of compatible additives that can be used to transform your base into a truly custom product.


Select Packaging

Choose from our wide selection of bottles and matching closures for a combination that looks just right for your brand. Preview how each closure looks with your chosen bottle.


Design Label

Make your product stand out with your own custom label design. Upload your own design or use our online label designer to create your label. We provide templates to help get your label started so you can start selling faster.

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What's Next?

Order Samples

Order yourself some samples. We offer 30ml samples of all of our base products. We also encourage customers to order themselves a sample of their custom products.

Shipping Options

Ship products in bulk and save up to 15% of the regular price and any order of 1o items or more will receive free shipping canada wide. Smaller batch orders of less than 50 items will ship within a few business days, though larger orders may take up to 2 weeks to ship.

Health Canada Notification

Health Canada requires you to submit a notification within 10 days after you first sell a cosmetic product in Canada. It's a quick and easy form that is submitted online. Find more info at the Health Canada website

Need More Info?

Carli Brockway

Founder & Product Manager

We can give product recomendations for your business as well as answer any questions you may have.