About Us

Carli Brockway, Founder & Product Manager

Supporting Entrepreneurs Is Our Priority

We have been there too. Trying to start a skincare line facing large minimum orders and having to deal with multiple different vendors for your products, packaging, and labeling. It doesn't have to be that complicated . . .

Peak Private Label started off in the same place that so many of our customers did. We were facing the logistics of creating our own skincare line and quickly realized that the industry is impossible to navigate without an existing knowledge of product procurement and pouring money into startup costs. So we took the opportunity to provide for others what we could not find for ourselves!

Peak Private Label provides the platform for you to source your skincare products, packaging, and design your label all in four simple steps. Every step is customizable, so that you emerge from the process with a unique product line that you are proud of.

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We can give product recomendations for your business as well as answer any questions you may have.