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Carli Brockway, Founder & Product Manager

I Want To Do Something A Bit Out Of The Ordinary Here

What I'm going to do is let you in on what our business plan is so you know how it affects you. Since our goal is building long term relationships with our clients, I thought that it would be helpful to be fully transparent on how we operate.

When I started in the industry, I noticed that beauty business owners were incredible people who are motivated and capable entrepreneurs. But it seemed to me that they were getting a bad deal when it came to the products they could sell.

Selling retail is very expensive when ordering inventory, and it's not like you became an entrepreneur and worked so hard to build your brand, just to make some retail brand rich by doing their marketing and sales for them.

Selling your own products wasn't a good option at the time, as traditional private label companies only seemed interested in making their money upfront with minimum orders that are way too high to be reasonable.

So that's why I decided that instead of demanding ridiculous minimum orders, we could view our clients as people we want to invest in for the long term.

If we could offer no minimum orders and make starting your own product line affordable and easy, then we could give far more people the opportunity to get started and then we could grow our businesses together.

Doing things this way would mean a win-win situation, you get the opportunity to make more money and expand your business, and we would gain a capable entrepreneur as a long term client.

And this strategy has been working great! Our clients have had great success switching from selling retail to their own products and are now paying less for products while making more! Their success has allowed us to invest in bringing out a professional grade product line so we can continue to grow with them.

Hopefully, this has given you some insight into what we are trying to do. We truly believe that your success is our success and, if we can do our best to invest in you, we can both benefit and grow our brands and businesses together.

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