Marketing Tips for Online Small Businesses

March 27, 2022

At Peak Private Label, we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to launching a line of skincare or hair oils. With our convenient platform to source, design, and produce your products, we eliminate the stress and high price of navigating inventory and vendors. However, even with a complete and perfect product line, it is still up to you to generate a strong customer base. Small businesses today have a better chance than ever of reaching new audiences and bringing in sales from beyond their network, but the secret to that success is all in the marketing strategy.

1. Target The Right Audience And Communicate In Their Style

Having an in-depth understanding of your exact target audience is essential, for it allows you to successfully establish branding that suits their demographic and communicate on platforms they use. Narrow down age group, location, gender, and other demographics to figure out what platforms to use. Are you looking to target customers in their early 20’s on TikTok or local members of your community in Facebook groups? Use social media, email newsletters, blogs, and more to engage with your audience in a tone and style they’ll connect with.

2. Develop Consistent, Strong Branding

When using Peak Private Label, we make it easy to develop sleek and stylish branding. But the imagery and visual identity need to be consistent and identifiable across all platforms. Ensure your logo, fonts, and color schemes are cohesive on your social media, website, and packaging. Display and photograph your products—whether in a storefront or online—in a bold, clean, and visually engaging way that emphasizes your brand and creates a memorable image.

3. Build A Community Of Support

Creating a loyal customer base is largely dependent on repeat business. Incentivize your existing customers to shop again, and to encourage their friends to shop too. Offer discounts in exchange for online reviews, testimonials that work to build your brand’s credibility and social proof, provide referral incentives like free or half-off items, and release coupon codes in exchange for an email newsletter subscription or a social media share.

4. Value Transparency

Especially when it comes to skincare, people are often hesitant to try new things. Show that you are looking to truly help your customers by offering free or discounted samples, show yourself or others using the product on your social media, and become an expert on your product and it’s ingredients to build trust and legitimacy with a wider audience.

5. Make Your Products Convenient

E-commerce sales are projected to account for 16% of overall retail in 2022. Don’t miss out on this opportunity—create an online store so that your products are available to a large audience. Offer bundles of your products online to make it easy for new customers to build a skincare routine and more affordable for them to try multiple products at a time.

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At Peak Private Label, we are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs on their journey to launching a line of skincare or hair oils. With our convenient platform to ....