How Dropshipping Works

Sell your products with no overhead

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Sell Your Products

Sell your products through your preferred medium. This can include methods such as in person, on your website, or through social media.
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Submit Your Orders

Submit your customer's orders and information to our dropshipping order page
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Orders Are Shipped

We will fill your orders and ship them directly to your customers.

How To Start Dropshipping


How To Start Dropshipping

1. Create An Account

Start by creating an account.

2. Design Your Products

Create the products that you will be selling. We offer up to 3 free samples to users with an account, so that you can test your products.

3. Apply For Dropshipping

After finalizing your product, you can apply for dropshipping eligibility. Eligibility needs to be obtained for each product you wish to dropship. You can find the application button on the "My Product Line" page.

4. Sell Your Products

Start selling! You will be able to submit your customer's orders manually, or by uploading an excel summary on the dropshipping order page.

Ready to get started?

Dropshipping FAQ

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